Aldi Mum Customer Reviews

“These bagels are really yummy toasted with Cream Cheese & Salmon.”

“I like these better than the ones from Woolies, cheaper too!”

“Yummy. My daughter loves them”


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High Protein Low Carb Bread

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “I absolutely love this bread!! We (usually, haha) follow a low carb diet & it’s great for an alternative breakfast/snack, I also enjoy it when we’re eating ‘normally’…” “Finally got some yesterday as it always sells out at our local Aldi so good toasted with avo.” “I love it, if you…

Hot Cross Buns

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Really good they smell of spices and they are even better warmed up!!”  “They are one of the few brands that seem to be safe for my allergy child. He loves the, and loves being able to take part in an Easter tradition.” “ My son loves them, they were great…

Twin Pack Garlic Bread

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Yummy! It’s a weekly staple in our trolley! Just wrap them individually in foil before cooking.” “The only garlic bread we buy now!!!! BEATS everywhere else’s hand down.” “Can be hit and miss with this… sometimes it’s loaded with garlic butter and other days not so much. But still tastes good…