Muesli Clusters

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “We buy the fruity muesli clusters and it is so yummy with greek yoghurt. It’s the only muesli i buy. Nothing compares.” “Oh add vanilla yogurt and these are amazing!!!! Or just straight out of the box.” “Love it! Wish they had a bigger packet though.”   For a full review…

Oats Sensations

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews

Absolutely delish!

Microwaves well. Portion size ridiculous, need two sachets to send kids off to school.”

“These taste awesome. I’ve never been one for oatmeal but these r tasty. 90 secs in microwave and ur done!”


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GoldenVale Oats Sensations

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Love them but not too keen on the berry flavour. I find it too sweet and artificial.” “Terrible, it’s the one also thing I will never buy again, will stick with uncle Toby’s but love everything else ; ).” “Eat them all the time love them.” For a full review of GoldenVale…