Belmont Maria Biscuits

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews

“These are perfect, we buy them every shop. They’re our standard biccie at home.”

“These are awesome for making smors or cheesecake.”

“So yummy like maccas cookies my son loves them.”

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Hydale Chicken Snack Kit

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “I’ve taken these to work for lunch a couple of times.Tasty but just a little oily for my complete enjoyment. Good value though,and convenient.” “Chicken kept at room temperature that lasts months? No thanks no way.” “Bf used to get them for work, I was like “Chicken in a tin? Ewww”…

Market Fare Mediterranean Bake

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “It’s really nice, the tomato flavour isn’t too strong, would recommend.” “I didn’t like this one unfortunately.” “I add shredded bbq chook when almost cooked and top with cheese. Yummo.” “Love love love this, bit of mozzeralla on top & soooooo yummy!” For a full review of Market Fare Mediterranean Bake from Aldi…

New Season Five Bean Mix

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Very slimy and too many calories compared to the Coles 4 bean mix.” “I think they’re soggy in comparison to the Edgell and didn’t enjoy them. I do love the tins of chickpeas though.” “I wasn’t a fan. The Edgell four bean mix is better. Like the kidney beans though.” “These…

Bluebird 18 Bag Snack Pack

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Our family loves them. We’re getting used to the different colours and makes the kids actually read what they’re picking rather than just assuming the colours match what they think they should.” “My kids don’t like them. I tried them they are bland and all taste the same.” “Brought a brand…