Money Saving Tip

Aldi Mum Madeleine’s Saving Tip of the Week: “Plan your meals. That’s what I had to do with 3 kids and hubby when I wasn’t working. We have a menu board with everyday listed and I made about 15 cards of some easy and cheap meals then on a Sunday night my older kids picked…

Random Act of Kindness

Aldi Mum Michelle has shared another great Aldi experience: “Hi I just wanted to share with you one of many good experiences I have had at Aldi. Myself and my daughter went to Eaglehawk Aldi in Bendigo. We were going through the checkout and the gentleman serving being nice as usual asked if we had…

Aldi Recipe

Aldi Summer Crush Ice Blocks

Peel and dice kiwi fruit. Divide strawberries and kiwi fruit between moulds. In a blender, blend watermelon and orange juice until no lumps remain.
Pour orange and watermelon juice over fruit. Insert paddle pop sticks and freeze until set.
Source: Aldi Australia website