Belmont Halos

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Oreo is the one and only. This is a poor imitation. If you don’t like Oreo’s give it a try you will probably like it as they are very different.” “I did not like these. Just tasted like sugary sugar…not like a choc biscuit at all.” “If you’ve never had an…

Damora Sanz Family Crackers

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “We love these with cream cheese and tomato.” “I’ve recently discovered these, they’re so good and fantastic value.” “My almost two year old loves these and so do we.” “Used them on the weekend to make a vanilla slice, worked well.” For a full review of Damora Sanz Family Crackers from Aldi…

Belmont Maria Biscuits

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews

“These are perfect, we buy them every shop. They’re our standard biccie at home.”

“These are awesome for making smors or cheesecake.”

“So yummy like maccas cookies my son loves them.”

For a full review of Belmont Maria Biscuits from Aldi click here.

Damora Crispetts

Aldi Mum Customer Reviews “Yummy, crunchy, light and easy! Delicious with any topping!” “Taste exactly the same as Cruskits, but without the usual Arnott’s mark up!” “I think they have a weird tinge to them. Much prefer cruskits.” “My whole family loves these!!!! We have to buy at least 2 boxes a week we go…