Fabulous Banana Muffins

Banana Muffins Whip these up in no time at all and you can’t beat them! These moist banana muffins are perfect in the lunch box or great as an afternoon snack. All ingredients available at Aldi! Ingredients: 125g butter, softened ¾ cup brown sugar 2 eggs 1 ½ cups self raising flour ½ tsp bicarbonate…

Aldi Recipe

Aldi Summer Crush Ice Blocks

Peel and dice kiwi fruit. Divide strawberries and kiwi fruit between moulds. In a blender, blend watermelon and orange juice until no lumps remain.
Pour orange and watermelon juice over fruit. Insert paddle pop sticks and freeze until set.
Source: Aldi Australia website

Cheesymite Scrolls

Aldi Mum Recipe  Aldi Mum Tanya has shared her delicious Cheesymite Scroll recipe! Ingredients 2 cups of self raising flour 50gm of butter cut into cubes 3/4 cup of milk One table spoon of Vegemite  Grated cheese Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees. In a bowl add flour and butter, mix with hands until well combined.…

Aldi Mum Recipe for Thai Chicken Meatballs

Aldi Mum Recipe Aldi Mum Sumi has shared her delicious recipe for Thai Chicken Meatballs using Aldi ingredients. Ingredients 500g or 1pound of chicken mince (Ground Chicken) 1/4 cup sweet chilli sauce, plus extra for dipping 3 spring onions, chopped 1 bunch coriander (Cilantro), chopped   Preheat oven 180C/360F. Combine ingredients in a bowl, season…